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Milwaukee Inkzall Fine Point Marker Black

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Mark up all kinds of surfaces using the Milwaukee INKZALL™ – this sturdy and reliable marker pen is designed with a clog-resistant tip capable of writing through surfaces that are wet, oily, dusty and rusty.

The pen performs particularly well on rough surfaces, so you can use it effectively on anything from concrete, metal and plastic to wood, plywood or OSB. The strong nib won’t lose its shape under pressure, and it continues to write after 72+ hours of cap-off time.

This Milwaukee marker pen is a must-have if you need to mark up or write on materials. You can clip it to your hard hat, work trousers or overalls so it’s always within easy reach, and you don’t need to worry about losing it if you put it down – an anti-roll body design will keep it exactly where you leave it!

• Clog-resistant tip writes through dusty, wet, oily or rusty surfaces

• Perfect for use on concrete, wood, metal, plywood, OSB or plastic

• Marker continues to write after 72+ hours of cap-off time

• Quick drying time reduces smear marks on PVC or metal surfaces

• Anti-roll body design – put it down without fear of losing it

• Hard hat storage clip – keep marker close by while working

• Lanyard hole for attaching other items such as INKZALL™ highlighters

• Non-toxic ink