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LED Light Bulb Lamp Remover Sucker Tool Bulb Remover GU10, MR16 12v Halogen,

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Small Sucker Bulb Removal Tool of MR16, GU10 and Halogen Lamps

This excellent little rubber tool is a fantastic addition to any tool box or keychain. 

The small suction cup on the front attaches to the light bulb / lamp and causes a vacuum for easy removal.

Pull or twist method both work fine with this bulb remover.

  • Manufactured: From silicone rubber.
  • Easy Operation - Saves time simply attach and remove as many bulbs you like with ease.
  • Suitable for use on most recessed lamps.
  • Black - so you will never lose it.
  • Comes with long handle at the end of it for easy  pull removal.
  • 30-35mm Overall Diameter.
  • Can be attached to keyring.