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CW20s Armoured Cable Glands Pack Of 2

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This pack of 2 CW20s armoured cable glands is designed for exterior use. Made with durable materials, they provide reliable protection for cables. With their secure fit and robust design, these glands ensure the safe and efficient installation of armoured cables, giving you peace of mind and saving you time and money.




CW20S Outdoor Armoured Cable Gland Pack

CW20S Outdoor Armoured Cable Gland Pack is an accessory used for termination of cable into various applications and devices including junction boxes and adaptable boxes, plus many more. Gland packs (Pack of 2) are available in large range of sizes to suit any cable size.

This gland pack is made to fit the following cable sizes;

  • 1.5mm 2 Core armoured cable 
  • 2.5mm 2 Core armoured cable 
  • 4mm 2 Core armoured cable 
  • 1.5mm 3 Core armoured cable 
  • 2.5mm 3 Core armoured cable 
  • 4mm 3 Core armoured cable 
  • 1.5mm 4 Core armoured cable 
  • 2.5mm 4 Core armoured cable 
  • 1.5mm 5 Core armoured cable 
  • 2.5mm 5 Core armoured cable 
  • 1.5mm 7 Core armoured cable 

Contents of pack:

  • Brass Glands x 2
  • Locking Nuts x 2
  • PVC Shrouds x 2
  • Earth Tags x 2

All the Armoured Cable Glands that we stock and supply are designed and made to the British Standard of BS6121, meaning they are safe and have been thoroughly tested. Also, as these are outdoor gland packs, they’re waterproof and provide extra protection against the elements.